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The Story

My family inspired me to start this business. My mom owned her own business. It meant I spent a lot of time with her when I was growing up and saw first-hand what a strong, compelling leader could do for others. Now, I want the same for my son. It dawned on my one day that what made her successful was how she used what most would consider a weakness, her ADD, as a superpower. I thought, "Hey, I've got a weakness that doubles a a superpower...OCD." For those not in-the-know, OCD is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, characterized by hyper fixating on some aspect and being compelled to "fix it" until it is just right and provides mental relief. In my case, one of the aspects is putting objects in order where they belong. In my brain, everything has a home, somewhere to go to bed, if you will. I get an immense sense of satisfaction in making chaos behave and become order. Before I even start a job, my mind can usually see "how it could look." I tell my clients that my job is to help them see what my brain instinctively sees. My brain does fireworks every time I finish a job. I think my clients get the fireworks too.


My dad, also probably one of the most well-educated people I ever met, was always pushing two things at me. #1 - The importance of learning (like actual learning, throughout your life, not just spitting verbatim from textbooks) and #2 - seeing the eternal beauty around you and being grateful for it. The learning aspect didn't really click until I went back for my MBA. Sure, on the surface I always knew learning was important, but what I finally actually learned was that learning to learn is what he meant. A mouthful, I know. Critical thinking and willingness to consider things outside your normal is really what he wanted for me. Yet another reason I like organizing. There is no one size fits all solution. Each job is different. One of the most enjoyable parts of organizing for me is the problem solving. For example, the kitchen that is too small for all the food and supplies or the preschool nap closet with two opposing doors but little storage space. It makes sense, in retrospect, that I enjoyed working in retail for nearly 6 years. The beautiful walls of product, all lined up and grouped together... bliss. With that background in merchandising and a formal education in management, I apply the principles of both to create custom solutions for each client's space. Even better, I live up to my dad's life advice to think for myself and see beauty in everything.


Clearly, legacy is an incredibly important aspect of Harmony Home Organizers. This is thanks to my Gram. Ann Clark was a world champion archer, the most unbelievable family matriarch, and one hell of a party hostess. I think she's why I have an eye for merchandising and decorating. Every holiday at her house was a rival to Martha Stuart or Better Homes & Gardens. As the youngest grandchild, it fell to me to stand on her kitchen table and decorate the chandelier with each season change. Every corner of the home was awash in the theme of the season. Without realizing it, I guess I picked up on how to make it all flow together. The other thing about Gram was her INTENSE categorizing. As she got older, she became meticulous about earmarking items for her family for "when she goes to heaven." Either our name was written on the bottom of the object or a piece of color-coded yarn was attached to signify who it belonged to. She wanted to ensure we all had they things that best reminded us of her and her legacy. Its why I offer a legacy service to help others prepare their items. It’s silly but the plastic squirrel piggy bank that sat on her office table is, to this day, one of my fondest memories. I smile and think of her every time I see it. I'm so glad that an item that most would have categorized as garbage or donation made it my home for me to enjoy in her absence and celebrate her legacy.


"Behind every good woman is a great man." OK so maybe I took some liberties with the quote but it applies better this way. My husband, my high school sweetheart and soul mate - one of the most thoughtful and honorable men I've ever met- is the reason I've been able to make my dreams a reality with this business. Support is what it really comes down to. We all need support to be successful. Home organizing is no different. Maybe its minor support provided by cleaning out the pantry and giving you a system, you can maintain so meal times are a bit easier. Perhaps it's major support in clearing out a massive pile up of stuff collected over years so you can invite your family and friends over again for the first time. It could even be the support your feel as peace of mind in knowing that your things will find their new home with your loved ones when you can no longer be with them. The point is, support comes in a plethora of forms. Whatever form fits you, it would be my honor to be that support for you, just as he is for me.

The Mission

Harmony Home Organizers create visually pleasing and easy to maintain systems to bring order to your home giving you more time for what's most important.

More time for family get organized
harmony in your home

The Vision

To return years of quality time to peoples' lives by creating organization solutions that allow them to get the most out of each moment.

Core Values

Our values spell SATE, a verb defined as meaning "To fulfill a desire, demand, or need." or "To put a complete end to (a physical need or desire)." We believe personal organizing should put a complete end your needs, demands, or desires for your space.


Efficiency matters: Placement and accessibility of your items means

 when you need them, they are where you use them most. 


Visually pleasing: 

When things are beautiful, we naturally try to maintain it. 

It promotes harmony & displays the benefits of organization.


Limited Resource: Bringing order to space saves time wasted going to get items or finding them. Time is returned for what you value.


Simple & sustainable:

The system designed for each space must be inherent so it is easy to naturally organize and keep it that way.

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