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Questions to think about before your project?


Thinking about a specific space you want organized:

-What works well already?

-What is your biggest pain points?

-Complete the sentence, "I wish (my space) ..."


Thinking about your style:

-How important are aesthetics?

-Do you want your space organized "as is" or would you consider a renovation or installation?

-Do you want all your containers / organizing tools to match?

-What type of containers do you want to use? (Consider: Cardboard is not expensive but also isn't beautiful or long lasting. Plastics are economical and highly functional but look cheap in comparison to premium materials. Wood and metal are gorgeous but can be more costly.)


Thinking in terms of project management:

- What is your budget?

- When do you want to start / be complete?

- Is this a day project, week, longer, or recurring?

- How long would it take for you to complete on your own vs. professional help? What is your time worth to be freed up for other endeavors?

New Closet Install Beautifully Organized



Daily: 8:00am - 7:00pm*

*Extended Hours Available

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