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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

  1. New or existing clients can reach out to Harmony Home Organizers via phone call, text message, email, or website's contact page. We ask when clients reach out they let us know their personal goals and the spaces where assistance is needed. We offer Free Quotes via virtual video call (or text chats with photos) and, when appropriate, in person estimates. 
  2. After confirming your desires, we will set a scope of work to ensure that your goals are met.
  3. We begin making your storage and organization dreams come true! We prefer to work with you present. However, accommodations can be made for clients who cannot be physically present during the project.
  4. We meet with clients once all work is completed to ensure the end product meets or exceeds all expectations. At that time, we ask that you ensure that your final form of payment is made available.


What will it cost?

  • Rates start at $70/ hour, 4-7 hour minimums depending on job type and location, hours are billed in 15 minute increments. See Pricing for hourly rate breakdown.
  • Most smaller jobs can be completed in 4-8 hours (ie. pantry, bathroom, small closet), large projects tend to take 12-16 hours (ie. master closet, hobby room, paper management). We will provide you with estimated labor cost in advance.
  • We provide supplies at cost plus procurement time. Supplies tend to cost $200-$500 for mid- to high-grade containers, shelving units start at around $100, each project is different. We will provide you with estimated materials cost in advance. See our Blog for cost considerations.
  • We travel to customers within a 1-hour round trip radius of 40245 for FREE. We are happy to serve customers within a 4-hour round trip radius (basically anyone within a 2-hour commute of 40245. Travel time (less 1 free hour) will be included in the final invoice.
  • Projects that are estimated to be >$2,000 or take longer than 3 days may require a service contract and 10% deposit to reserve multiple dates. All other services may be subject to $200 deposit.


Are there any deals to save money?

  • Cash Discount - 10% discount on labor. Must be requested in advance and cannot be combined with any other offers.
  • Military & Law Enforcement Discount - 10% discount on labor. Discount can only be given to resident or business owner of space being serviced. Client will need to show DD Form 214, Government ID card, or Commission ID to receive discount.
  • Refer business -First hour of next service is FREE. To claim this incentive, referral client will need to provide your name as the referral source at time of booking.
  • Multi day, bulk hour discounts may be available, however they cannot be combined with any other offers. This is a good option if you know for certain you want to organize your entire home in 2 months or less. Usually applicable for 5 or more spaces. Will require a service contract.
  • Annual Pass: Bi-monthly rotating services, includes one day of service and up to $200 in products for each service. Prepay $5,000
    • Holiday Storage OR Bathroom (January/February)
    • Master Bedroom Closet (March /April)
    • Hobby Space OR Long Term Storage (May/June)
    • Cleaning Storage & Laundry (July/August)
    • Pantry & Kitchen (September/October)
    • Client's Choice (November/December)


What can I expect from Harmony Home Organizers?


We prefer to start with a customer’s pain point. The space that they avoid going in or looking at because it immediately raises their anxiety. We've found this helps reduce stress and increase the probability of moving to another area because the cost yielded a return that was more than worth it. We love to hear from clients, “That feels so much better.”


Generally speaking, we start a specific space by emptying the contents (depending on size, this may be done in sections). For example, if it’s clothes, all the clothes come out on the bed.


Then, we sort. In the example given, the first section we tackle may be bottoms, so we divide jeans, shorts, athletic attire, dress pants, etc. We'll group similar items within each category as well, i.e., all black pants together, all navy pants together, and so on.


Next, is where the client comes in. We flip through all the items to know what to keep and what to donate or sell. We also ask for personal preferences in setting up. What do you use the most? Do you prefer it stored a certain way (i.e., folded, rolled, hung)? We may offer suggestions based on space constraints or lifestyle habits.


Afterward, we store everything that is being kept back into the space by its sorted category with the most used items at the most accessible point. We bring a variety of organizing supplies with us so we have options for each space.


Once the space is complete, we have the client review the space and walk them through where everything is stored. We'll offer tips on how to maintain the space but much of it is intuitive. If black pants are grouped together, most people assume to keep them grouped. We may suggest the leaving the hanger where you pulled the pants from makes it even easier to see exactly where to put them back.


Occasionally, clients ask to move some categories. This is quickly and easily done because everything is already grouped and contained. What’s most important is that it is functional for them.


Our overarching goal is to put things where they are most frequently used and easiest to put away. For one client who loathes folding shirts, we hung them all, even the t-shirts. If she had to fold every shirt, her clothes would never leave the laundry basket. So now, when she sorts laundry, it’s easy to just toss the shirts into a pile to hang at the end. This helps her to not avoid putting away laundry and she loves that it doesn’t take as long.



What if I need to cancel?


No problem! We are happy to work with you to reschedule your service. We do ask for 72 hour notice on cancellations or reschedule requests. The $200 deposit will be forfeit, in cases where advance notice is not given.



Harmony Home Organizers aims for transparency. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please reach out to us

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