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A house contained is a home for life's chaos.

Reduce stress and save time – let us take some of these tasks off your “to do” list :

  • Declutter and organize

  • Design and install closet shelving and storage

  • Pack and/or unpack for a move

  • Assemble furniture and storage solutions

  • Create a system for finding and putting away items

  • Maximize living space

  • Donate or sell items

  • Downsize

  • Other tasks by request, contact us for more information


We specialize in working with busy professionals, retirees, and ADD/ADHD clients. We’ve also worked with those on the Autism spectrum. We work one-on-one with each client to ensure the process does not become overwhelming.


We started this business to help clients reduce stress and enjoy more quality time in their homes. Having a clean, visually appealing, ordered space reduces mental “noise” and makes task completion more efficient. We’re just a phone call away. Let’s discuss your project today!



Simply Organized Kitchen Cabinets


The Mission of Harmony

Harmony Home Organizers create visually pleasing and easy to maintain systems to bring order to your home giving you more time for what's most important.

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Clothing Organization & Closet Design

Although you can hide it, that doesn't mean the chaos goes away. Let us make your wardrobe work for you. Simplify getting ready. Take the pain out of putting away the laundry. You don't have to live out of the basket. We'll help you find a system that serves your needs.

Kitchen Set Up

We can unpack after move in to give you the optimal kitchen set up OR reorganize your "lived in" kitchen to make it work better for your needs. Having an organized space to cook makes preparing meals simpler, faster, and more enjoyable.

1-on-1 Decluttering

If you have ADHD or just have a lot of chaos lingering in your home, it can be overwhelming just to start the process to get organized. Having a compassionate professional organizer can help motive you and coach you through the rough patches.

"Kate has helped me during a move and downsizing from a larger house to a smaller one. She's an organizing genius, with the friendliest personality and absolutely no judgments on my mess. She's taught me so much and when I've had her come back for another project I'm always excited to show her how I've kept up with what she's taught me and how easy it is following along her methods. You can tell she has a true passion for what she does and she is wonderful at it I would recommend her to anybody even though I want to keep her all to myself LOL"

Jessica Thompson, 5-star Google Review


 (513) 675 - 2656

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